How is Hong Kong Going to Reach a Compromise with it's People?

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Before I begin,I would like to explain the inspiration for this post.

While doeing a quick search through google, I discovered an article about the Hong Kong goverment forces trying to make a compromise with the people.

Now we may begin.

The truth is that know one really know so i am going to base this report of opinions.It would be difficult but i think time would a good part of the solution. What i mean by this is that, if you held back the new law they were protesting agianst for a few years, it would give the people of Hong a chance to calm down. This way, they would be easier to communicate with.

I think another big part of the solution would be to advise Hong Kong's riot police to focus more on stopping the violent part of the protesting than the protesting itself.For example,if people are walking through the streat standing up for what they wish for with out violence, then there is no point in stopping them. If they were doing the exact opposite,like throwing knives all over the place, there would be a very could point.

Thankyou for reading :)

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