How the Police are reacting to the protests

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Source: Amnesty International UK. Written 2017. Protect peaceful protesters in Hong Kong. [online]. [Accesed 2nd October 2019].

This post is about human rights and how the police are reacting to this. It has touched me so I would like to say why it has affected me.

I think the way the police in Hong Kong are reacting is unacceptable and unfair for the citizens of Hong Kong. My reasons are:

1) The police have started their own problems now; their attacking Hong Kongers with tear gas and batons, which should not be used in this situation. And to be honest violence shouldn't be used in any kind of situation.

2) Hong Kongers have a right to vote/protest, in fact, we all do as well, because it is basic human rights, and if we do, they do. China does understand this but is deliberately choosing to make it unfaif and being violent. This is why Hong Kong deserves freedom from China.

3) China has chosen to ignore and has broken the contract that we (Britain) have made so we have a right to either take them back or to set them free and let them be an independent country and although China has the biggest army in the world, they should still be able to have freedom.

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