How to win STARS on the Hub!


There's more to being on the Hub than just winning stars - we want you to enjoy giving your opinion, reading other people's ideas and discussing big questions with other students - but it is always nice to receive a star! Here's everything you need to know about getting them...

How do we choose when to award stars?

Your teacher might have told you about our Burnet News Club skills:


...and all based on solid knowledge. You can read more about these skills here!

We award stars when a BNC skill has been clearly shown.

So how do I show these skills?

framework-poster small.jpg

You might have seen this in your classroom. It's called our News Literacy Framework and it helps you and your teachers see how you can show these skills. It tells you what kind of knowledge you need to know about the news, and has 8 levels for each of the 4 skills - to show you how you can get better!

Each skill begins with Foundations, which we look for in primary school students.

For secondary school students, we look for Hub contributions that show you are on the path to becoming an expert!

Download a big version here!

Do posts get more stars?

No. In fact, it's a lot easier to show these skills through comments because that is when you are responding to other people.

If you do want to write a post, you should always read the Hub before you write on the Hub! Some people might have written a post on something similar to your idea. If it has already been written about you can write a comment and join the discussion that is already going on. Only write a new post if your idea has definitely not come up before and is totally new. This kind of post is called a discussion starter.

What makes a good post?

Good posts bring in new ideas. You might ask a question, share some research or write about your new thoughts. You should always write in your own words and include the link to any websites you use for research. Remember, good posts are the ones that will get everyone else talking!

What makes a good comment?

Good comments add to the discussion by replying to another club member or asking a question or sharing a point of view. The BEST comments clearly explain your point of view and tell everybody what you are thinking.

For more information on how to use the Hub, check out the Hub Help.

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