Is Hong Kong going to calm down?

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Dear Siobhain Mcdonagh,

I am writing to you to clarify something very important. As you might know already, Hong Kong has undergone a huge protest with lots of tear gas and rubber bullets .Will Hong Kong ever stop this deplorable calamity?If this extradition law does not get cancelled now, China and Hong Kong might go through a war. This is a terrible matter as China and Britian made a two country one system agreement. If Britian clashes in this mess, brexit is going to be way harder than it is.

If Hong Kong does not calm down , police might introduce more harmful weapons to keep people away from the protests, many people could end up perished which is definitely not okay. Carrie Lam [the chief executive of Hong Kong] supported this law not knowing it would get this much of a bad response.This has not been the only protest in Hong Kong , as in 2014 there was an umbrella movement that emerged during the democracy protests.Recently , people have been depicting Carrie Lam by showing pictures of her with bloodied hands.

To conclude, I think China should settle down and agree with this sudden change of plan as I don't want things to get worse.Who agrees with me ?

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