Is intervening the best option

Dear Harriot ,

I am quick witted _rainforet and I am a member of the burnet news club. I am here to tell you my opinion which hopefully would be a good solution for the Hong Kong crisis .

Sadly , in Hong Kong there have been an on going violet protest because of a new law that has tooken place . The law is that if a resident of Hong Kong commits a crime they will be taken to China and they will be put on trial. The residents of Hong Kong are upset because they believe that this law stands against all their freedom and rights they were promised after we handed them back to China.

Many people of Hong Kong are relying on us to intervene . Apparently we are involed because we use to rule over Hong Kong for over 150 years .After wich the rulership of Hong Kong was handed back to China by us. Yes we did take them over and I do believe it is not our job to do it again. Not only will their relationship with China will be weak but our one will be too.

Really I do hope Britain don't intervene because when you think about it so many things are going on for us aswell and are at stake. And I do believe they should trust their government like how we kind of trusted ours through brexit. If we do intervene we can say bye bye to our friendship with China along with all the other really helpful things they supply us with.

They might be some down sides too my opinion like it might keep going if we rely on them to sort it out but I still do believe in my opinion very well.

My hope for the future of Hong Kong is that they will get the freedom of speech they've been waiting for and they will actually have a democracy that is in their hands.

Thank you for reading :)

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