Is violence in protests acceptable?

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As you all may know, there have been many protests in Hong Kong because of the proposed legislation of the 2019 Hong Kong extradition bill. There has also been a lot of violence and crimes commited by the public all because of what the government decided to do. But why is there violence?

When the protests started, the violence was on a very little scale or there would be no violence at all. Suddenly,members of public began to become violent to the police as they were trying to harm innocent people. THis is wrong because the public should at least get the opportunity to justify their point of view and the police should listen and respect their opinion. Soon after this, public began to break railings on the street and make weapons from the materials. This happened due to the reason that police had threatened to shoot tear gas if they don't stop protesting or if they don't listen. In addition to this, bean bag bullets were being shot and as a result, someone got hurt. A journalist from Indonesia, Veby Indah, has been shot in the eye by forces in Hong Kong.

Another type of violence going on in Hong Kong are the fights White Shirts are causing against Black Shirts. On 21st July, in Yuen Long station, a group of citizens wearing white shirts began attacking innocent people with no justifiable reason. It is wrong to do this as many people are getting harmed and this can have a big impact on their lives if they are seriously injured. People ran from the station, petrified, searching for safety.

Public have been using lasers, pointing them directly into police officers' eyes as well as attempting to throw bricks and shatter glass windows of police offices.

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