Letter for my local MP

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Dear Sirs,

As you may know, Hong Kong is protesting to leave China and become its own country. This is a letter explaining why I think that Britain should not get involved.

Britain has ruled Hong Kong for around 150 years. Hong Kong were happy with us ruling them. Since we handed the job to China, Hong Kong decided that they didn’t like this and since 31st March 2019 they have been protesting to be ruled by their own government.

I would not like Britain to get involved in these protests because first of it was cause more chaos than what is already happening. Also if we did get involved then this would encourage more countries to join in. This could then start a war which would mean that there is a possibility that China could get destroyed. If Britain stood strong after the possible war, we would not be able to get most of the things we have because if you look at the labels, you would find it says ‘Made in China’.

Overall, Hong Kong and China should sort this problem between themselves.

Yours sincerely,


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