Letter to Ed Vaizey

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Dear Mr Ed Vaizey,

I think that Britain should get involved because they originally had partnerships with Hong Kong, and seeing how much they are struggling, it would be wise to help them out with the laws and rights that the people are trying to enforce.

Twenty-two years on, hundreds of thousands of Hong Kongers are marching in protest at the way China has broken its promises and eroded their freedoms. Hong Kong people look to Britain to stand up with them. But we also have a specific legal obligation, under an international treaty that is lodged at the United Nations, called the Sino-British Joint Declaration. That declaration, signed in 1984 by Margaret Thatcher and China’s then Premier Zhao Ziyang, promises that Hong Kong’s way of life, including basic human rights and the rule of law, would be protected under the concept of ‘one country, two systems,’ and it gives Britain a role in monitoring and reporting on the situation to ensure that promise is kept.

Helping them out would make our relationship stronger and let us know more about the country that is suffering and that needs help. We have known Hong Kong for a long time and used to own the country, so it is fair to step up and assist and provide those needing aid. We know them as friends and innocent people are being hurt. Recently, a young man was shot who was merely trying to express his opinion and show how he felt.

After this please can you help and take into account this letter. Thank you for taking account of my personal opinion. Please help to stop this situation.

Yours sincerely,



The BBC and Wikipedia.

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