Letter to Helen Jones

Dear Helen jones

I’m writing to you because about how china has broken there one country two systems promise and how if we should protest violently or how we shouldn’t protest violently and we have many questions.

The current situation is that Hong Kong have broken their promise about the one country two systems and there are lots of people getting shot or killed and lots of protesters.

The history of Hong Kong is that we gave Hong Kong back to china in 1997 with the promise of the one country two systems promise which means everyone gets a say but china has broken that promise. in 2047 that’s when china could have done anything with Hong Kong.

What I want to happen is that you should talk to the government and arrange a meeting about Hong Kong and see if you can encourage them to go back to the one country two systems again.

The effect of this outcome is that people can live and not be shot and they will not protest anymore so can you please arrange the meeting so people can stop having to protest.

My hope for Hong Kong is that people will stop protesting and that it will go back to the one country two systems promise again I also hope that Hong Kong will stop making people guilty.

I ask of you to go and talk to the Hong Kong government so many lives are saved thank you.

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