Letter to Hong Kong

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Dear Hong Kong ,

I am called the loyal_peach and I am trying to get to grip of what is happening in Hong Kong and why it is happening .What I know is that the protest are happening because China have broke a promise that they made with Britain in 1997.The promise was that if Britain gave Hong Kong over to China that they would keep it a democracy but they have took Hong Kong into there hands but have not kept it a democracy like they promised .

What I am also trying to find out is how the people started protesting on the street .What I think happened was they all had a meeting in a library and decided that they wanted to get back the democracy that China had took from them so that is why they are protesting on the street to get back the democracy that China took from them.

What I would like to know is:

When will the protests stop?

What will happen if more contries get involed?

When will the two systems one contry work ?

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