Letter to local MP Ed Vaizey about the importance of us interfering with Hong Kong

Dear Mr Ed Vaizey,

I am writing to inform you that we, at the BNC Faringdon, are very concerned about the conflict in Hong Kong and how we want Britain to intervene. Due to History this issue has become very wild and flared.

Firstly, I think we should help Hong Kong but in a way that does not use any armoury. I suggest this because recently (on Tuesday the 1st of October) a Hong Kong protester was shot dead at a point blank range. I think this was wrong because the forces should not be using live rounds, only artificial rubber rounds.

Secondly, it could start a war between us and China and China have the biggest most powerful armed forces on the planet so that wouldn’t end out well for Britain. Our forces are not as strong as theirs.

Thirdly, It could get rid of trade deals between us and China which would not be good for may companies in Britain eg: HUAWEI (Mobile Brand)

I hope I have made you understand the importunacies of this issue and how it could affect us in the UK,


Proud member of BNC

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