Letter to Michael Gove

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Hammond School

Badger Drive



GU18 5TS

Mr Michael Gove MP

49 Marsham Street




Thursday 24th October 2019

Dear Mr Gove,

I am a Year 6 student at Hammond Junior School in Lightwater, Surrey, which is part of your constituency in Surrey Heath. I am writing to you with regards to the terrible political crisis that is currently going on in Hong Kong. I am sure you will agree, that a resolution to the situation must be found as soon as possible as many innocent people are suffering. I strongly believe that it is our responsibility to intervene in the crisis and help the residents of Hong Kong return to a state of peace as they would be safely aware that China could never intervene again.

In the one country, two systems agreement with China, the deal was that China would leave the way of life and economy in Hong Kong unchanged until 2047. However, China is not sticking to this agreement. Firstly, in 2015, five Hong Kong booksellers who sold books banned in China disappeared, and later on some reappeared in jail in China. These booksellers, if they were doing anything wrong, should not have been taken to China to be put on trial, they should have been allowed to have been trialed and sent to jail in Hong Kong, not China. Secondly, a foreign journalist was turned out of Hong Kong because he held an event the Chinese government did not allow, which is a complete injustice. This shows that this agreement has been eroded to one country, one and a half systems.

Human rights in Hong Kong are not respected in the way they should be. In 2014, some people were jailed for leading peaceful protests against China meddling their elections. Furthermore, in China you can be jailed for critising the government or campaigning for human rights. It is starting to become like this in Hong Kong, which is a violation of human rights. This proves that human rights are not getting the respect they deserve.

In conclusion, it is clear that I believe we should intervene in the Hong Kong Crisis as we have a shared history with Hong Kong. As a member of parliament I am positive you will be able to persuade them to intervene.

Yours Sincerely,


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