Letter To Mp

Dear Faisal Rashid,

I am writing to inform you that I think Britain should join Hong Kong to fight for democracy.

So far I know, Hong Kong were ruled by Britain for around 150 years. In 1997 Britain and China had an agreement which was China can rule Hong Kong again but they have to live under certain rules. During the agreement, China promised to make sure the way of life in Hong Kong would remain unchanged until 2047. In China, if you criticise the government you will get put in jail such as the two book sellers that disappeared.

The reason I think Britain should help Hong Kong is because the people of Hong Kong are criticising the people of China for the lack of democracy which I think is right.

I think Hong Kong doesn’t want China’s help instead they want Britain’s help because after China broke the promise Britain is the only one they trust to help them win this crisis against China. Also Hong Kong citizens don’t like to see them self as Chinese they like to see there self as Hong Kong (Hong Kongers)

By courageous_recipe

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