Letter to MP

To:Faisal Rashid

I think we should not interfere with the Hong Kong crisis

because China has the biggest army and since we have

Brexit we are leaving the rest of Europe so we are one

Country on our own .England has ruled over Hong Kong

for 150 years.England agreed with China everything

would stay the same until 2047 ,but China broke that

promise and now Hong Kong citizens are protesting

against them.I do not want to have the United Kindom

interfering because it might cause a world war 3 .Some

Hong Kong booksellers who sold books about Chinese

Leaders ended up in the Chinese prison in 2015 and

without China ,Britain cannot get more food because

in 2016 Britain imported 42.6 billion pounds worth of

goods from China . China has a policy of not interfering

in the problems of other countries and I think we should

have the same.

By jovial_land

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