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Dear Helen Jones,

I am writing to you to inform you of the terrible things going on in Hong Kong (like the protests). I am hoping you will take this forth to the government so that we can try to help Hong Kong as much as possible because we all know Hong Kong never deserved any of this.

First thing you should know is Britain was once loaned Hong Kong for 150 years but we had to give it back to China and it’s good thing or we could have been given a bad reputation as a country and that would have cause problems. But China did agree to the one country two systems policy which enabled Hong Kong to keep the same rights they had with us until 2047 when China would have full control over it again. Only they did keep to it until recently. Now the citizens of Hong Kong protest and are fighting for their rights whereas China are trying relentlessly to take them away.

Britain should at least try to help because it’s wrong to sit back and watch a country suffer. If that was us in the same position I know we would be begging other countries to help us so it’s not fair to just let them suffer. If we were to get involved I think we should be very careful since we rely on china for a large number of goods and food. We could be getting ourselves into a much bigger problem. We need to help Hong Kong before something much worse happens at the same time as being cautious in case we cause something much worse! An idea of something we could do is arrange the leaders of Britain and China to get together to negotiate the situation.

That would be the right thing to do because it’s a way we can help Hong Kong without disturbing the peace between China and Britain. We should get involved in a peaceful way since we did have a history with Hong Kong and China broke the ‘one country two systems’ agreement that we made. Breaking an agreement like that is not ok so they have to realize the damage their actions have caused. We can’t force China to rule Hong Kong the way Britain is ruled since it’s not our country but trying is a good approach!

I hope Hong Kong doesn’t have to suffer from China’s strict laws after we attempt to settle the situation. There’s no running from what’s happening in Hong Kong since we did create the’ one country two systems’ agreement and ruled over Hong Kong. As our MP I’m trusting you to take this situation forth to parliament and attempt to settle the situation.

Yours sincerely

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    05 Nov 2019

    A thoughtful and well-reasoned final piece. Well done!

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