Letter to MP

Dear Faisal Rashid

We are part of the Burnet News Club and our class is learning about the Hong Kong Crisis. Hong Kong was ruled by the British as a colony for around 150 years and they have a shared history. Then China went back to ruling Hong Kong in 1997.In the agreement that was signed, China and Britain both promised to make sure that the way of life and the economy in Hong Kong would remain unchanged until 2047.

180,000 people who were born in China now live in Britain. 119, 990 people who were born in Hong Kong now live in Britain. In China, you can be put in jail for criticising the government or for campaigning for human rights. Britain and China work closely together on important projects and food productions that make sure there is enough food in the world. Therefore I feel we should not get involved as people may go hungry. In 2015, five Hong Kong booksellers who sold books that were critical of Chinese leaders vanished and ended up in prisons in China. More people live in China than in any other country in the world and China has the biggest army so we couldn’t defeat them. Plus, we have Brexit to concentrate on in Britain.



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