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Dear Harriet Harman

My name is best _petal and I'm part of the burnet newsclub and I'm writing you to tell you about the Hong Kong crisis and wheather Britain shoud intervene as in history Britain ruled Hong Kong but after a while britain gave Hong Kong back to China and for a while it was one country two systems until recently when a chinese resedent was elected to be part of the government. There is now a new law that if you do something that you're not ment to than you'll be taken to China to be put up for trial. This means that if you are found guilty you will get punished in China. I think this is definitly wrong however I don't think Britain should intervene as there could become a world war 3. Even though It's extremely awfal what China is doing but i think it would be better for Britain to leave them alone and let them sort it out their self.

yours sincerly, best_ petal.

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