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Dear Mr James Cleverly

I am an anxious year six student at Lyons Hall Primary School. I believe, though I am young, I should be heard. In this letter I am going to explain how I believe we should intervene. This letter is about the appalling Hong Kong crisis.

Britain and Hong Kong have a fantastic history. We have grown together. In 1997 when we co-signed the Sino-British Joint Declaration stating that Hong Kong (under the supervision of China) would have human rights until 2047. China, though they signed the deal, has looked like they were going to brake it a few times in the past (e.g. The umbrella movement). It is different in China in the sense that people can’t criticise the government, can’t ask for what they want and the government has little power.

Currently Hong Kong is in a state: the people of Hong Kong are pouring onto the streets to state their independent democracy, whereas the rest of China disagree. Since the 1st of October 1947 China has been run by one party- the Communist party of China so this shows an inflexible government. The threat of a democracy so close in Hong Kong is worrying China.

Britain are now being called to action as this crisis has got out of hand. This has been shown threw media. Due to our historical links I feel we should intervene. However, we do have a lot on our plates at the moment (Brexit). A further reason is; China is a big trading partner. They’re such a big trading partner we shipped around 42 billion pounds to them in goods. So far a ¼ of the population has protested against China but that might be because the rest are scared.

In conclusion, having researched and considered both sides with an open mind, I believe we should intervene. I am speaking up because, despite the fact China are a big trading partner, I believe in the power of democracy and that it would be wrong to watch Hong Kongese suffer. I could see why you wouldn’t want to intervene but I feel like it would be better if we did.

Yours sincerely,

A year six student

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    15 Nov 2019

    You have used powerful language to communicate your feelings in this - a good example of speaking up!

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