Letter to MP

Dear MP James Cleverly

I am a worried year 6 student at Lyons Hall Primary School, which is within your constituency of Braintree Essex. I am writing to you to make sure you take a moment to think about the Hong Kong crisis. They are facing a monstrous experience. I am explaining my points and views on why we should focus on this terrible conflict. I will begin to explain the key points and in spite of only being 10 years old, I feel we all should have a say in life.

The history between Britain and Hong Kong is very strong. Hong Kong loved our way of life and our rules. Since 1997 we co – signed the Sino-British Joint Declaration stating that Hong Kong should begin to have their own government and in their current state, Hong Kong are more democratic then China. It also stated that it is 1 country 2 systems. China lost several wars against us and we took Hong Kong away from their control, to enable this.

Currently Hong Kong is in trouble: Hong Kong are begging for their human rights not to be stolen. Since the 1st October 1949, China has been run by one party, The Communist Party of China. China has restricted social media (e.g. Facebook, twitter). China has also been getting involved in Hong Kong elections. Hong Kong tried to make a bill stating that Hong Kong’s prisoners get sent to China and if found guilty punished there. But not long after the bill was dead due to protests. People have been hurt on the streets, and people are violently breaking into buildings. 5 book sellers have been kidnapped and some reappeared in Chinas prisons. Police have been shooting rubber bullets and tear gas so people are getting seriously injured.

There are many reasons why we should intervene and reasons why we shouldn’t intervene. Two million people are pouring onto the streets showing their anger. But another six million people are going along with China's rules. I think we shouldn’t intervene because the deal ends on the date 2047 and to be honest with you Hong Kong don’t want us to get involved in their business. They're telling us to let them solve their own problems.

We mainly buy from China and they buy from us. Also they shipped around four billion pounds in goods to us. China may have the biggest army in the world but Hong Kong are more democratic then China so they can deal with their own problems.

Yours sincerely,

Year 6 student

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