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Dear Mr Cleverly,

I am a concerned year 6 student at Lyons Hall Primary School which is within your constituency of Braintree, Essex. I am writing to you about the situation in Hong Kong. Although I am young, I should still have a say in the world. In this letter I will be explaining to you the issues in Hong Kong and China and whether we should intervene or not.

Britain and Hong Kong had a long and strong history during 1800s.China lost a series of Wars to Britain which led to Britain ruling Hong Kong for 150 years. Though founded undemocratically and governed by a British dictatorship, Hong Kong eventually began living in peace and the same human rights as we have here in the UK. Since 1997, when we co-signed the Sino-British Joint Declaration stating the Hong Kong (under the supervision of China) should begin to establish their own democratic system.

Currently Hong Kong is in crisis and many people are going on the streets to show their anger. Lots of people are getting injured very seriously. Since the first October 1949, China has been run by one party-the communist party of China and this has created an inflexible and absolute government which is directed by the president Xi.

There are many reasons why we should intervene and not intervene. If we intervene then we can help Hong Kong a lot but there is a down side to that because China might stop trading with us. It is also our right to intervene because Britain had ruled Hong Kong for 150 years. It is shocking that most people in Hong Kong identify as being from Hong Kong rather than from China and 71% say they do not feel proud about being Chinese citizens.

In conclusion, having researched and considered both sides with an open mind, I believe that we should intervene and help because Hong Kong needs our support as this is something that we should not ignore.

Your sincerely,

A year 6 student

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