Letter to MP Mr Cleverly

Dear MP Mr Cleverly

I am a determined Year 6 pupil from Lyons Hall Primary School, which is within your constituency of Braintree, Essex. I am writing to you on the topic of the Hong Kong Crisis. I may be young but I want to try to help with the problem. I have my research on why we should and should not intervene in the Hong Kong Crisis. Here is what I think.

Hong Kong and Britain have had a past before - In the past, Britain has beaten China in a series of wars, which led to Britain ruling Hong Kong for approximately 150 years. We let Hong Kong have their rights and they enjoyed having their rights. Eventually Britain handed Hong Kong back to China and signed the Sino British Joint Declaration, which stated that Hong Kong (under the supervision of China) should begin to establish their own democratic system.

Currently China and Hong Kong need a solution for their crisis; the people of Hong Kong are fighting for their rights. President Xi, the president of China, has banned all social media that he does not wish his people to see. (Such as, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter) Some people from Hong Kong were taken and then they reappeared in Chinese prisons. Hong Kong people have been horribly injured for protesting on the streets. Protesting is legal but some people are being hurt by tear gas and rubber bullets. They are also being arrested, and this is against their human rights.

Britain have been asked to do something, but what can they do? If we intervene, there is a chance of a war. However, that is highly unlikely due to the fact that war doesn’t happen often anymore. China is a huge trading partner with England, so if we intervene we could lose things, such as, toys, cars, clothes and electronics. A quarter of Hong Kong is protesting on the streets. If we do not intervene, Hong Kong might be mad at the UK and they will continue to lose their rights and their country.

In conclusion, having looked at both sides of the argument, I believe we should intervene because Hong Kong needs saving and we have had a good past with Hong Kong.

Yours Sincerely

A year 6 student

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