Letter to MP on Hong Kong

Dear Mr Ed Vaizey

Britain is a colony of people who have valid rights. Hong Kong is a colony people with ‘rights’. There rights don’t seem to work. We can just sit there, all happy we can protest and not die in the time we do, while in Hong Kong people protest and one young man got shot with a live bullet and point blank range. Are we just going sit here doing nothing or are we going to act, help fellow human beings who are more vulnerable than us? Hong Kong needs us.

You are a member of the houses of commons and you are our local MP. I know you do not have a tendency of replying to people who email to you (I have been here before). I do not want your Assistant to reply.

In spite of all the terror on our streets, our conviction in safeguarding Hong Kong’s freedom and democracy will never waver. We hold the same values as western democracies. So I ask you: please help Hong Kong, and help safeguard it and its people.

From careful_science.

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