Letter to mr gove

I am a year 6 student at Hammond school in Lightwater Surrey which is in your constiutuncy I am writing in regard of preposterous Matter in Hong Kong.

Ithink we should intervene, firstly we have signed the one country two system deal which means if China break it they are breaking Hong konger rights also 99.9% of court cases are found gulity. China has also meddled with elections in the past.

Five bookseller selling illegal book in China dissaperd and some reappeared in China's prisons. Hong kongers have diffrent names to Chinese people they are so ashamed of being Chinese .

but I also have some points on the other side . First China have1.4 billon people and Britain only have 60 million people and also China is communist so they don't have to go through the whole process to start a war . Britan is a massive trading partner with Britain britan earnd42.6 billion £

thank you for reading my letter

Your sincerely champion hedgehog

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