Letter to Mr Gove

Dear Mr Gove

I'm a student at Hammond school I am in year 6 and my school is in Lightwater,Surrey which is a part of your constituency in Surrey Heath. I'm writing to you in regards of the Hong Kong crisis,people are protesting that China is in charge of them.

Though we know a lot is going on in Hong Kong l think we should not interfere you may be wondering why? It is because if you go into shops most of the items are from China as you know that means that they are a close trading facility if we interfere there won't be enough food or things to buy in shops and lots of shops will close down and we have a lot of Chinese restaurants and if we interfere then they will probably close down.Also 180,000 pepole who were born in China now live in Britain and they'll probably go back to China if we interfere with Hong Kong probablms and we don't want to lose population just for interfereping.We are also foxing on Brexit right now and we should be trying to make a trade in stead of interfereing.

I think those are enough reasons for why we should not interfere

from wonderful_skill

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