Letter to Mr Gove

Dear Mr Gove, I am writing to you in regards of the Hong Kong Crisis and how we should help Hong Kong get their freedom back. I am an ordinary student at Hammond school in year 6 which is part of your constituency in Surrey Heath. The reason this is happening is because of China enforcing different laws on Hong Kong.

I think we should intervene because China has way too much power over Hong Kong and we need to get their freedom back.We must intervene Mr Gove otherwise Hong Kongers are going to carry on showing their rage on the streets and China's police force will keep killing innocent people that just want their freedom back. Also, if we don't intervene Mr Gove, Hong Kong is going to be at risk of having no more freedom and then China will take over that part of the island forever.

I think that China have forgotten that Britain used to own Hong Kong until 1997 because that was when Britain gave Hong Kong back to China but they made a deal of 1 country, 2 governments before they gave it back to China . I think China also are a little bit harsh on people when they are set on trial because 99.9% of people are found guilty. Also, 4 journalists that used to sell books disappeared but then a few of them reappeared in jail. Finally, we need to help otherwise Hong Kongers won't get their freedom and Hong Kongears can't rely on China anymore because they are trying to take over Hong Kong so they are counting on us to free them so they can have their freedom back that they deserve.

The reason that the Hong Kong governer can't do anything about this situation is because the governrer is elected by China so if she tries to stand up to the government, she will go to jail. This is what I am trying to explain to you Mr Gove, we must get involved unless you want this to carry on. Instead of China picking the governer, China should let Hong Kong pick their own governrer because Hong Kong need their freedom back. Also, we could ask China if they could get rid of this new law because that was the main reason this all started happening so if we intervene we can stop this once and for all so this doesn't keep appearing on the news because I am bored of listening to this crisis over and over again.

I hope you read through carefully and thought about how we could stop this once and for all if we intervene. I would strongly advise that you try to make sure that China's army don't get involved because as you know China has the biggest army in the world so let's hope they don't get involved. I really appreciate that you took a bit of time to read this letter through carefully Mr Gove. As soon as you get this, I really hope you send me a reply saying what you think about my opinions.

Yours Sincerely


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