Letter to Mr Gove

Dear Mr Gove

Currently I am a year 6 student at Hammond junior school in lightwater ,Surrey which is part of your consitiuency in Surrey Heath . I am wrighting to you in regards of the Hong kong in crisis . Recently , there has been a lot of protests due to China intervening in Hong kong elections .

My strong opinion of this matter in hand is that we should intevine ,as Britain and Hong Kong share a history . In 1997 Britain presented Hong Kong back to China and singed a 1 country 2 systems . As a result of this Hong kong was promised freedom until 2047 . Although ,China is contantly breaking this promise , Hong Kong feel like it's a 1 country 1 and a half systems.

Moving swiftly on ,I am going to talk about China and Hong kings point of view . In Hong kong their governors are elected by China which leads to China meddling in Hong kings elections . An astonishing amount of chinese siticens admit they are not proud of their goverment .

In conclusion to this ,my opinion of intervining still stands strong .If we use violence China will send in their army .The biggest in the world . I'm sure we can agree would not be necessary .

yours sincerely

patient_mouse .

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