Letter to Mr Gove

Dear Mr Gove,

I am a student at Hammond Junior School in Lightwater, Surrey which is a part of your constituency in Surreye Heath. I am writing to you about the protests in Hong Kong.

I think we should get involved but not with military because if we use military China could be quick to respond.We also signed the Sino-British Joint Declaration that we signed in 2047 but China is ending it in 2019. The reason that all these protests started was the new rule that stated that if you were a suspect criminal you would go to China and get a trail that 99.9% of trialests goes to jail.

But on the other hand China does have the biggest army in the world and most population in the world. China is also a big trading panter to UK in 2016 £42.6 billion us alone it was for.

In conclusion,I think we shouldn’t get involved because parliament has a lot on there mind in the curently thank you for reading.


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