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Dear Harriet Harman,

My name is nice_fruit and I am here to inform you about my decisions on whether Britan should intervene or not.

In my opinion, I think that we should intervene because China has been accused of breaking what is called the 'one country,two systen' agreement. This is a part of a deal that the British and the Chinese made before Hong Kong was handed to China in 1997.

I think that just because Hong Kong is a part of China now dosen't mean that Hongkongers don't have the right to speak for themselves. China is taking away human rights in Hong Kong which means children in school don't have the right to speach up for their rights and what they should do to help.

Some of the people like Chenguang who was born and lives in Hong Kong thinks that Britan should help Hong Kong and keep the agreement about peoples' rights. I agree with her 100% because of how Britan had ruled Hong Kong more than 100 years ago.

Your sincerely,


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