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Dear Mr James CLeverly,

I am writing to you to discuss the crisis of Hong Kong and let you know whether I think Britain should or shouldn't intervene.

There has been many protests in Hong Kong lately because China have been breaking the agreement that China and Britain signed. It all started when Hong Kong were going to bring in a law where if you were caught doing something wrong in Hong Kong you would be taken to court in China and if found guilty, punished there. The Hong Kongers did not like this because 99% of people that go to court in China are found guilty.

I am not sure about whether we should intervene or not.

Here are my reasons for why I think we should intervene. We ruled Hong Kong for around 150 years so I'm sure people from Hong Kong are used to British rules and elderly people from Hong Kong probably remember when we were in charge. Police have started to use real bullets on the protesters and nobody deserves to die just for having their own say.

Here are my reasons for why I think we shouldn't intervene. Most of our products are made in China so they might stop making things for us. China have the biggest army in the world so they could easily declare war and make World War Three. Also what would they do to us if we got involved? If they shoot their own people goodness knows what they'd do to us.

I hope that if this subject comes up in the houses of commons you use this letter to make a decision.

yours sincerely,


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