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Dear Harriet Harman,

My name is receptive_statement. I am part of the Burnet News Club. This term, we have been learning about Hong Kong. As you should've known, Hong Kong is in crisis, and people have been protesting because they believe that China has too much power over them. We have been asking ourselves if Britain should intervene and I think we should.

We should intervene because we have played a large part in Hong Kong's history. This is how. 150 years ago China lost a series of wars to Britain so Hong Kong became ours. After that (in 1997) it was returned to China and they agreed on something called ''the one country two systems''. And so we don't get too stressed I think we should stop thinking about Brexit.

Yes, of course, I'm not the only one who wants to intervene. There are people who do business and people who live there and want their human rights back. There are so many other people with other reasons but I can't explain them all.

I hope, that in the future, Hong Kong shall get equal rights and freedoms. You should listen to me because or we will have a reputation for being the most selfish country in the world. I would like you to

1) speak to the prime minister

2)speak to to the other members of parliament

3)STOP BREXIT and look at the world around you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this

Yours truly,


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