Mind Your Own Business England!

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Dear Harriet Harman,

I'm involved skill from the Burnet News Club! I'll be talking about my opinion wether we will get involved or not! It's so unfortunate to hear that Hong Kong is having problems, in other words the death causing in the protests, so if we get involved death will cause to our people. I've got a great opinion about if we should get involved or not. In our current situation, we don't know wether to get involved or not! Should we?

As a start, I'll share my opinion, if you realise when you get involved in something bad, you may get the blame for something when you weren't really doing anything and just watching. To add on , in our situation there's a chance that World War 3 may start ; that's not going to happen! Mainly, we want them to be responsible on what they do ; they have their government and we have ours! It's the protesters and them, they need to obey the government's announcements!

More detailed, it's sort of who started it, I think it was our country who started it : "England," we made it worse. In the 1800s we invaded China or maybe even more of Hong Kong. It was a battle against us and China and apparently we won... A lot of years later, we decided to hand Hong Kong back to China. It was a deal. That's when now, today, these cruel things are happening.

Which hand should we pick? Left Hand : leave the country alone. Right Hand : get involved. No we don't get involved! Mind Your Own Business England!

Sincerely, involved_skill.

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