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To contradict on my oppositions point I wish to state that we should help Hong Kong against the tyrannically awful dictator ship of the Chinese empire.

The reason I propose this is, as you may remember, we used to own Hong Kong-we took it from china 156 years ago in1863- and you also may remember that we handed back the rights of Hong Kong twenty one years ago in 1997, this was called the ‘handover’. Now an interesting fact is that the UK and China both signed a deal that after ‘the handover’ Hong Kong would have fifty more years under British democracy before then returning back to the Chinese dictatorship. China did not uphold their deal. They in fact went back on their deal and have recently been trying to creep their laws back into Hong Kong.

As you may know the citizens of Hong Kong are protesting against this, we should help them, especially since it is partly our fault for trusting china not to go back on their deal, the only problem is that China has the largest population in the world and therefore the biggest army, so confrontation by violence is off the table for two reasons, one being that if we confronted China violently on our own we would be obliterated, and the other being that if we confront china with backup (say America of Canada) the fight could be big enough to start a world war. So the only reasonable option is to ‘non-violently’ reason with China to release Hong Kong and its people from their dictatorial grasp.

Many of you may have heard of the one country two systems proposal, and I imagine those of you who have heard of it probably completely agree with it after all it is better than the ‘one country one system’ proposal (well all or you apart from Xi Jinping (who is the current Chinese dictator) and his followers). This idea was proposed by Deng Xiaoping the Paramount Leader of the People's Republic of China (PRC), during the early 1980s. This proposal might help Hong Kong, but they will need our help to after all china is a big country and Hong Kong is a very, very small city.

I thank you ladies and gentlemen for hear me out and listening to my opinion, I hope that Hong Kong will eventually prevail in their battle against China and, hopefully, we will be there with them.

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