My opinion about Hong Kong crisis.

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Dear Harriet,

I'm in the burnet news club and i would like to inform you about my opinion on the Hong Kong crisis.

The current situation is that China has been incredibly building up attention because of there choices. China is forgetting to deal that England and China made so they both can rule over Hong Kong.

The history between England and China is that they were at strong war in the 1800s. England won and they took over Hong Kong. In 1997 England agrreed with China that they would both rule over Hong Kong. But now China don't really care and they're ignoring the deal.

I dont think we should intervine beacuse we have a good friendship with China, they give us stuff for us to use in life and in return we give them money.

I'd like Harriet to tell Borris Johnson to get brexit done and do things to do with England but if things get out of hand we might have to get involved. I don't want WW3 happening or even a war.

Yours sincerly, productive_singer.

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