Not our country? NOT our business! Hong Kong in crisis!

As you may know, the big Hong Kong crisis is currently happening in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is protesting to get their rights and freedom back.This is a masive situation and a serious matter! Britan ruled Hong Kong until the 19th of December 1984 when we handed them over to china.That is one of the reasons why we could help them but we should risk it otherwise it could start a war! The best thing that could happen is that everybody stops and Hong Kong gets their freedom back. Hong Kong might want the UKs help or they might not want our help. It is hard to tell by their actions so we'll stay out of it for now. We also don't know if our ideas will work. We all hope that everybody stays safe and nobody gets into a war.

Thank you @BNC club for reading this and I hope all of the crises stop soon.

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