One Country Many Victims


One Country Two Systems

According to China, they promised that they would allow Hong Kongers to have rights until 2047- a reasonable date. However, China declared a new rule that suspected criminals would be sent to China, and if found guilty, punished there. In my opinion, I think that this is unfair. China shouldn't be choosing who to move and when. it's not a game of chess, is it? Riots are putting protesters lives at stake. Does China want that for another country? Getting themselves harmed just to get noticed. It's most likely to be a yes. To show my point I would like to write you a diary entry of a girl called Trang and her life as a Hong Konger. (This is not a competition entry)


5:49 pm

Dear Diary,

My name is Trang if you didn't know; I'm fed up. Fed up that China just sits and watches us suffer. Humans don't come with instructions, so who is China to give us some? I don't want to go outside bullets are everywhere, and I mean everywhere. They could track you down in a few seconds! My mum is a protester too. it'll be my turn soon. This shouldn't be going through generations! It's not a tradition for crying out loud! I feel weary as my mum steps out of the door. You don't what could happen. And when. I only go outside in crowds or when I'm at least 18. My 15-year-old sister went out alone. She never came back. Britain needs to intervene to try and at least warn China. Slowly, people are becoming their mindless slaves! I sometimes wonder if we could go to China and protest there. But, they could easily squash us like flies with their machinery. It's the police that causes this trouble. They are the ones with the weapons, aren't they? And according to me, they are citizens too. So why are they turning on us? Why does it have to be us that suffers? Why do I have to be the one My mum has been gone for quite a while. Where is she?

Thank you for reading:)

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