Our letter to our local MP

Dear Mrs West,

We are writing to you regarding an issue that we think has been ignored by the British government for long enough: the riots and protests in Hong Kong. We understand that Brexit is taking up a lot of the government’s time but it is completely unacceptable that nothing is being done to help the citizens of a country that was once closely linked to our own. China has broken their end of the deal to maintain one country, two systems, as detailed in the promise they made when Britain handed Hong Kong back to them several years ago. In the wake of this, it is essential that we do something to help, and we strongly believe that we need to act quickly.

I am sure you are aware of what is happening in Hong Kong but just in case you have been blinded by issues closer to home let me reiterate: there have been numerous riots and protests on the streets, many of which are becoming more and more violent. Both protestors and police alike are resorting to brutalities that we cannot just stand by and watch. Do we really want innocent people to suffer like this? We understand that it is important to fight for what you believe it, especially when that belief has so much to do with democracy and human rights, but this has gone far enough. We believe that, truly, no good can come out of these protests. The only way things can change is if other countries, such as ourselves, get involved and do something to help.

We have spoken to many of our friends about this and they have all said one thing: how can we afford to get involved with a country so far away when we have so much to deal with here? The fact of the matter is that it is our responsibility to do something. Britain was as much involved in the agreement as Hong Kong and China, so we must do something to ensure the rights of the Hong Kong citizens are as protected as they would have been if they were still a colony of Britain.

If this continues, China will continue to take more and more rights away so that Hong Kong ends up as no more of a democracy as China itself. At the moment in Hong Kong, there is freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of assembly, which means that people and journalists can say what they want as well as having the option to meet up and demonstrate peacefully. This is so important and, in our opinion, a basic human right that should never be taken away. In contrast, this is not the case in China, where newspapers are controlled by the government and websites such as Google are completely banned. We’ve even heard that people can be sent to prison for speaking out against the government! I am sure you agree with us when we say that this is not a way for anybody to live. However, we strongly believe that this is what China wants for Hong Kong, and we cannot allow this to happen.

As an MP for a government who wishes to be seen as wanting to promote worldwide democracy, we believe that now is the time for you to step in and raise your voice in support of Hong Kong. Merely doing this will, we believe, make China sit up and listen. With trade between Britain and China so important for both economies, it stands to reason that China would want to maintain a good relationship with us. Therefore, showing support might be enough to make China step back and allow Hong Kong to continue as they were before. We know that the government has not yet declared the proposed extradition bill- the law which began these protests- a breach of the British-Chinese agreement but perhaps now is the time to do so. If we can mobilise other counties to stand with us and to reiterate this view point, this would be even better.

We leave this situation in your very capable hands, with the belief that you and our government will take the necessary steps to support Hong Kong in its battle for human rights.


trusting_owl and consistent_lobster

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