Should Britain get involved in the Hong Kong crisis?

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The violent protests in Hong Kong have led many to question whether the UK should intervene.Below both reasons for and against Britains involvement will be considered and my opinion that the UK should stay out of the conflict will be explained.


The protest and conflicts between Hong Kong and China are escalating. I do not see how not doing anything is going to solve this issue. The Hong Kong government are making the citizens of Hong Kong more angry. For example the face mask ban is just another excuse to start protesting. However, if Britain get involved then maybe they can reach a compromise with China andHong Kong. Also, surely Britain should be involved in some way because when they were in the power of Hong Kong there was no protests so maybe it might be best for Britain to help China. Although this is unlikely as China are so power hungry.


I think that Britain should not get involved simply because the conflict between China and Hong Kong is not our business. Hong Kong is not our responibility anymore. When we gave Hong Kong back to China in 1997 we gave our full trust in them and unfortunately they have failed us. Britain needs to worry about themselves and nobody else.


Having considered both sides of the arguement I feel that the reasons against Britains involvement are stronger.

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