Should Britain help Hong Kong?

I am a passionate year 5 student and I go to Lyons Hall primary school. That means that you are my MP. I am writing to tell you my opinion on the Hong Kong crisis. What you will see down below is what I think and if I think, we should intervene or not.

The problem in Hong Kong is that Hong Kong wanted to introduce a new rule that many people did not agree with. The rule would mean that people from Hong Kong that were committed in a crime would be sent to China and if found guilty punished there. The reason people did not agree with this was that they fought it would let the people of China unfairly target the people of Hong Kong. In addition, there have been many disagreements between Hong Kong and China. Here are some examples: Firstly, China interfered in one of Hong Kong’s elections and chose the leader of Hong Kong (Carrie Lam.) Also, Booksellers who sold books in China “ vanished” and then repapered in prision.

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