Should Britain help Hong Kong?

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To answer this question I will be examining both sides of it, if we should intervene or if we should leave it to Hong Kong. You can have you own opinion on the matter.

Some reasons that we should consider around helping Hong Kong would include the fact that china when back on our agreement that the citizens of Hong Kong are right to have fifty more years of British laws and democracy before returning to the dictatorship of china. A second reason would be that this whole conundrum is sort of our fault, what I mean by this is we decided to give Hong Kong back to china unknowing that china would go back on their deal us and try to rule Hong Kong once again.

However there are some reasons, which you might agree with, that would make the Idea of helping Hong Kong seem obscured. The first reason is quite critical to our economy, the reason I am stating this is that if we were to intervene with the protests and help Hong Kong china would not like it, and that could possibly sever the trade deal in-between china and the UK, and with the fact that Brexit will already leave us un able to trade with the rest of the EU, that would be quite a problem. The second reason is much alike the first except it might result in china starting a war with us, this would be very bad as china has one of the biggest armies on the globe and to have a war with them would not be Ideal.

What was your decision? Please leave your answers in the comments section for me to read

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