Should Britain intervene

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Dear MP Harriet

My name is magical_accordion. I am a member of the burnet news club and I am writing to you about the crisis in Hong kong .

In Hong kong many people have been furious as China has made a law they don't like. This has caused a huge argument including peaceful protests and not so peaceful protests.

Many people are asking the question: should Britain intervene?

NO, Britain should stay out of it. Great Britain are treating Hong Kong and China like babies. If we intervene we might lose trades with China and we get a lot of equipment from them. Also we have a lot of alliances, that means if we get involved they have to too.

There are a few problems with my idea as the situation might get worse and it may lead injuries or even deaths. In this situation we should stop the problem but as a whole, dont get involved .

For the future of Hong kong , I hope their wish is granted and the problem is solved.

yours sincerely magical_accordion.

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