should Britain intervene?

Hong Kong in crisis.

Should Britain intervene?

In Hong Kong China has been trying to make new laws and there have been protests happening.

In the 1800’s China lost a series of wars to Britain, and Britain took control of Hong Kong which it then ruled for around 150 years.

Britain should intervene. I think that because Hong Kong need help to protect their country from China.

A fact to support my opinion is that more people live in China than any other country in the world so that means Hong Kong needs- more people to help them.

I think people should agree with me because Hong Kong don’t have a very big army so they need more people.

The challenges and problems with my idea is trying to make everyone agree with me.

For the future of Hong Kong, I hope that they have their own laws and their own country without China taken over.

I think the MP should listen to me because I want Hong Kong to have freedom.

The steps I want my MP to take is I want our MP to tell our Priminister and I want our Priminister to help Hong Kong.

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