Should Britain intervene in the Hong Kong Crisis

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Dear Mr Gove,

Hello I’m a year 6 student at Hammond School in Lightwater, Surrey which is part of your Constituency in Surrey Heath. I am writing to you in regards of the Hong Kong Crisis and if Britain should get involved. As you know Britain handed Hong Kong back to China in 1997 and we made a agreement called 1 country 2 systems but China has happened to break that promise and is now constantly breaking Hong Kong’s citizens freedom of speech.

As you can see from above, the situation in Hong Kong is becoming out of hand. However I do not think we should intervene. I Know you may be questioning why I believe this but I have a few reasons to demonstrate my opinion. I am sure you are aware that China is a huge trading partner to the United Kingdom, in 2016 alone we gained £42.6 billion of products through them. If we were intervene with China we may cause a distract effect on our economy and with Brexit on the horizon we are unsure what is going to happen to are trade links with the EU. Therefore it is better to be safe than sorry.

Carrying on from above, China have the biggest military in the world and family members would have to go and fight. Causing conflict between nations would encourage them to use this military force against us. I am sure many British citizens would not be proud of their country if we intervene because it probably would start protests in Britain and families would have to say goodbye to fellow family members.

In conclusion, it is clear that I believe that intervening in the Hong Kong Crisis would be a big risk for Britain. As a member of parliament it is your responsibility to do what’s best for the country and to protect us from any dangers. Furthermore, you and your fellow friend Borris Jonhson both have great minds and I know that you will contribute my letter in your decision if we should intervene. Thank you for contributing to read my letter.

I hope to hear a response at your earliest convince!

Yours sincerely


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