Should Britain intervene in the Hong Kong crisis?

Hong Kong in Crisis

The current situation in Hong Kong is, China are trying to make a new rule and protesting into the Country because China are trying to make a new law.

The history in Hong Kong is in the 1800s China lost a serious of wars to Britain. Britain took control of Hong Kong and China. But gave them back after a while.

I don’t think Britain should because we might not help and just get in the way and we are putting our self and family in danger. China is an important trading partner for Britain in 2016. They imported £426 Billion pounds’ worth of goods from China.

Someone who is in this situation will agree with me because bad things are happening in their country.

The only problem with my answer is China has the biggest army in the world.

I hope there will be no more protesting or war going on between the countries.

I think the MP should listen to me because our army compared to Chinas army is crazy size differences.

I would like the MP to take this issue to the government.

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