Should Britain intervene or not?

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Dear Harriet Harman,

My name is Generous speech . I am a ten year old member of Burnet News Club. I would like to inform you about a serious problem in Hong Kong . As you may already know in the 1800s China lost many wars to Britain.Therefore, Britain ruled over Hong Kong for around 150 years.In 1997 Britain handed Hong Kong back to China yet accepted an agreement called the Sino-British Joint Declaration.Which stated that Hong Kong would keep all the rights the British gave them while being in charge.

Right now Hong Kong are having several protests as the goverment made a new law that many people living in Hong Kong did not agree on.Should Britain Intervene?

In my opinion, we shall not help Hong Kong.Mainly, as we have Climate Change,Brexit and other broblems right now and we don't need another.Hong Kong is its own country, so they shouldnt need Britain helping them with their problems.I however would still be delighted if britain does intervene as we were the people who handed them back in good cause.Thank you for listening to my ideas on this terms project.

Yours sincerely,

Generous Speech

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