Should Britain intervene with Hong Kong?

Dear Mr Cleverly

I am a student in year five from Lyons hall primary school and I also live in Braintree. I am writing to you to say that there is a crisis in Hong Kong.

I think that we should not intervene because when Hong Kong made a new rule then the people didn’t agree with it because they thought it was unfair and I think that it is fair because it said that criminals would be sent to China to be in prison there and they said that they don’t have their freedom even though they still do but there are people that do not have freedom just like people that got arrested like in the umbrella movement but they still have freedom because you shouldn’t do much bad things.

A not good thing is that book writers that sell books have been disappearing and reappearing in prisons. My only problem is that China might fight us or a war against us and we could lose are army.

The good thing is that if China started a war with us then it also says that during the 1800s China lost a series of wars to Britain which led to Britain ruling Hong Kong for 150 years. Hong Kong has lived with the same human rights as we do here in the UK.

So my last fought is that we should not intervene.

Your sincerely,


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