Should Britain intervene with Hong Kong?

Dear Mr James Cleverly,

So we all have heard about that Hong Kong in crisis.

We need to speak up and say what we think it doesn’t matter how strong China are we need to say what we think and this is what I think and here’s why…...

The current situation in Hong Kong, well human rights aren’t being respected by China, they are making silly rules such as if you are accused of doing something 99.9% of the time you will still be going to prison

Hong Kong’s history is part of us because, we ruled them and then China took over typically and we ruled them for over 150 years so we had time with them a lot of time with them. It’s sad that we let them go to the china men.

Hong Kong is a little country and Britain isn’t that big ether, we need to fight, whatever it takes, we need to help. There are just under 1,500,000,000 people in china and in Hong Kong there are 7,000,000 however there are 66.44 million people in the United Kingdom. We can do something.

I hope you consider my view of the Hong Kong crisis and will take my opinion.

Kind regards

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