Should Britain intervene with Hong Kong?

Dear Mr Cleverly,

I am a student from Lyons hall school and you are my MP ,I am writing to you to say we should not intervene in the Hong Kong in crisis because we could lose a big trade deal with China and that would be very important.

If we help, China might invade us and they have the biggest army in the world. It isn`t us because the government made a new rule and no one agreed with it.

They blocked the streets, airports and shops. In conclusion Hong Kong didn`t choose there leader (Carrie Lamb) China did, so that isn`t fair.

If China did invade us are army might get injurd and if another country was fighting us we would probly lose because most of are army are still in hospitals. Another problem is that Hong Kong book sellers are disappearing and reappearing in China prisons.

So can you share this and tell them not to intervene.

Your sincerely,


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