Should Britain intervene with the Hong Kong crisis?

Here is my letter to the local MP (Michael Ellis):

Monday 21st October, 2019

Dear Mr Ellis,

I am writing to discuss with you the crisis in Hong Kong.

With all the rioting in Hong Kong there are lots of protests happening over keeping democracy and freedom of speech from other foreign politicians.

Hong Kong was ruled by Britain for 150 years and now we have given it back there are loads of riots. It wasn’t like this when we (Britain) owned it. I do not think that Britain should intervene as matters could become worse with all the vandalisms on the streets etc. Britain would not want any trouble to Hong Kong or China because it isn’t our problem and we should stay out of this situation. If the situation in Hong Kong got any worse would they want to help us?

I hope there will be peace across Hong Kong and it will be back to normal. I think you should listen to us because we have good points and know what is happening as we listen to the news. I suggest that you should stand up and take notice but wait until they are desperate before we help as we do not want it to affect our relationship with China.

I await your reply,

Your sincerely,


I will be intrested to see what his reply will be.

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