should Britain intevene with Hong Kong and china?

The current situation in Hong Kong is that there is a lot of protests about human rights not being respected.

The history of Hong Kong is that China lost a series of wars to England and England took control over Hong Kong for 150 years. They made an agreement that china can take control of Hong Kong in 2024.

What should happen next is that England should get involved because Hong Kong is tiny.

The facts to support my ideas are that China has the biggest army in the world and 119,990 people were born in Hong Kong and now live in Britain.

Someone will agree with me because the people in Hong Kong are getting arrested by the people in China and if they’re innocent they will still be arrested.

The problem with my idea is that we import more than £46.6 million pounds’ worth of things.

I hope that the future of Hong Kong is that they will have freedom from China.

I think that our MP should listen to me because I think that this is important and should be dealt with.

I think the steps that our MP should take is passing the message through to the Prime Minister.

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