should Britain intevene with Hong Kong and china?

Dear Mr. Cleverly,

I am a young passionate girl . I am also a year five student from Lyons hall school and I am not afraid to speek out . Iam living in the vicinitys of Braintree , iam writing to you to ensure you have considered the relivent points to the Hong Kong crisis .

In the 1800s China lost a life changing amount of wars witch then led to Britain ruling Hong Kong for some future living .150 years later Britain no longer ruled Hong Kong , since 1997 when we co-signed the sino-British joint . that ment Hong Kong was under supervision of China .

The Hong Kong crisis has caused flodings of people on the streets , people getting hurt and it has also been causing chaos

When Hong Kong book sellers were selling books in Hong Kong that were no longer aloud in china they then appeared a little while later in Chinese prison.

In hong Kong you are not aloud to watch or look at certain things on Youtube, Face book , Instagram and others.

There are Chinese people living in Britain they say there proud of it.

Thank you for your time

Your sincerely,

Bold, olive

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